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Can you tell me about what you're doing?

Speaker 2
What I have is a one on one coaching a mentorship program. I've been doing it for 18 years. Hundreds of
students across the country. I'm actually looking for boots on the ground in your area. What the coach,
what the coaching consists of.

Weekly for an hour just like this, sometimes through Zoom, and we cover all aspects of real estate
investing from fixed and flip to buy and hold rentals, short sales, wholesaling, multifamily, add value,
commercial properties, tax strategies, negotiating tactics, social media, Airbnb, owner financing, the
whole nine yards. We're a full scale investment team, so that's perks of working with us.
It's a lifelong partnership. We actually have the ability to help fund your deals when the right deals come
around so you don't necessarily have to have. Capital to get it done or great credit, which that's a big
part of what I've learned over 18 years. A lot of people can find good deals, but they can't get them
funded and approved to underwrite flats or money and my team, the attorney firm, come in and help
our students out.
We have a tax specialist, you know, social media specialist, you know, acquisition specialist, lending
specialist in they enable it. We got it You get from joining the program you get all the resources.
You don't have to pay for the attorney. The attorney gets a part of the deal. So that's a huge part of the
program as well, because most people know attorneys are very expensive by the hour. We don't pay
them. They get the deal done. They don't get paid, but they get the deal done that they're negotiating.
They get a portion of the deal.
The attorney firm is involved in million dollar an up transaction. It's not small, $200,000 flips. They only
go after big stuff. So but it's a huge benefit. And sellers that have that type of assets to get rid of, you
know, portfolio packages or big apartment complexes, etc.. They're they're much happier to deal with
an attorney as well because they see the legitimacy of what I have going on, working with an attorney
just goes smoother.

You have direct access to me. So you'd always come to me for guidance and advice. And a lot of these
deals I'm going to be partnering with you on. So it's going to be highly advised for me to you know, get
the deal as well. Now, in the future, as we go build a relationship, you might be able to have access to
them directly.
But you get you get to meet all the people I work with. Anyway, eventually.
Yeah, the program's ten K and we we have funding options through our sources to see if we can get you
approved if you have reasonably good credit and, you know, verifiable income, etc.. There's a lot of

moving parts, but you can potentially get the funding for it that way or then you don't have to pay me. I
get paid for my whole program upfront and then you work out payments with that.

There's a lot of other options.

You never you never pay it again.

we have a weekly one on one call that we set on the schedule. That doesn't mean we don't talk
additional times. We do. If you have an urgent matter, say we talk Tuesday at noon and you have an
urgent matter. Friday at one you call most of the time. You know, I tell people to text me because I
might be in a meeting, whatever it may be.

I might not be able to get back to you for a while. But I can answer your question quickly like that. But if
it does take need another phone call, I just do that, you know, And when time permits, well, you're God,
my students are a priority to me. So I have you ask any of my students. They all tell me I'm the most
accessible person they've ever worked with and they're amazed.

Speaker 1
So now that's a lot of money. Of course. Of course. How long would I how long do I have to come up
with that if I want to sign up with this?

Speaker 2
If you don't want to go the funding route to pay me in full, it's going to be on a case by case situation.
You can put a deposit down my deposit $2,000 if you don't pay in full. So you've put $1,000 down. We
even have payment plans on that. So if you do not have the thousand dollars, we can also offer you four
payments of 252 payments of 500 and then But as soon as you put anything down, the spot will be
The main the main thing is to get a spot saved with a deposit. We take cash out, pay bell, Zelle credit
cards, you know, whatever it may be or the funding options that my team will go go into with you and to
save a spot and you said, Greg, I need this. I need another month. I'll give you a 250 every week.
Great. Soon as you get that, that end, then we put you on the schedule and you're ready to go.

You don't. You do not start my one on one calls and get you on the schedule till your deposit is paid,
which is $1,000.

But you can Have a spot saved if you just put, you know, 250 down, something like.

Of hundred bucks down, a couple hundred bucks down. You can have a spot. Say, let's say I have five
spots available and you want one, but you don't have $1,000 and you can't get you can't get found. Put
something down. A double hundred bucks then. Then one of the spots will be saved for you. You tell us
how long you need to make payments we're raising.
If you need a month, a month and a half, probably somewhere in there is going to be the cap. We're not
going to hold the spot for six months for you, but if it's reasonable, we'll hold it for you. We're trying to
work with you and make things work as easy as possible for both sides.
Speaker 1
If I give you $1,000 and then I change my mind, what happens?

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Speaker 2
Yeah. There's no refunds. I mean, my time is way too valuable. I can't get my time back. So if you just
decide to go your own route, that's fine. I'm not coming after you like a bill collector. You don't owe me
any money. We just go our own ways, which I've never had happen. Never. My 18, 19 years of doing
this, if that happened.
But I have had people stop. Like one lady got sick, one guy lost his job, and I just put the program on
hold and they say, I can't pay you anymore. We put it on hold. They come back. Three months later, we
start back up. No, no additional fees. We just start right back up.

Speaker 2
No, no, no. I don't care. I'm not. I'm not an asshole. Life. Life happens. Life happens and shit happens.
And Colbert was here. Trust me, a lot of people had money problems with government, so we just we
just put the program on hold. And then they told me how much time they need or whatever they need
to do to make it work.

I have alternate. I've never had that happen. So nothing usually is that urgent where you need an
answer at 5 minutes. Okay. I do not have a direct line to somebody. No, I don't. But I've never had that
in all the time. I've been doing this for someone needed an answer so urgently that I couldn't give them
an answer in time.

You know, it may take me 10 minutes to answer your phone. For example, I'm on a flight from Tel Aviv.
I'm on a flight for 3 hours. I can't answer. So but, you know, you will have the ability to get to my team if
need be. But you always have someone to get to. But there's never usually anything that's that urgent
where you need an answer in 5 minutes.

But there's also alternative methods to make money. With my program, I teach my students how to use
their infrastructure and their network to actually offer other people, business owners, real estate
investors, anybody who needs credit repair, business funding, real estate funding. We offer that to other
people, which you can make money off of, and it's actually very lucrative.

I make six figures off of commissions a year, but I've been doing this, you know, almost 19 years now. So
we show you how to do that and it's toll free. You just use your infrastructure and your network to get
people offer people exactly what they may need. And you know, it can it can be pretty lucrative. Takes
But you could make money with that actually right away. Like we offer other things as well. We offer our
Amazon stores, we offer virtual trucking. We have elite, elite banking programs that we are into. All my
students get access to that. Most of them take advantage of it as they as they become successful. So
they also not just want to flip properties, they want to diversify into other opportunities so you can have
multiple streams of income.
So we offer a lot of opportunities. So every opportunity that I get my students get access to doesn't
mean you're going to do it where you have access, right?

90% of what I do is real estate related, but 10% is just the entrepreneurial world and other
opportunities. I've taught that. I've taught about three people how to get a trucking company started.
there's lots of opportunities besides just the real estate world. But real estate investing can provide
multiple streams of income, generational wealth for you, your family, your kids families, because all of
this is inherent. God forbid something happens to you and you have millions of equity that's going to be
transferred to your your loved ones.

How many slots are available?

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Speaker 2
I mean, that's. That's hard to answer every day. It's different. So I'd have to check with my team, see if
anybody else came in and solidified spots. You know, as of right now, there's five spots and it's always

it's always four, 4 to 3 weeks down the road or months down the road, basically enroll, you know, no,
someone paid ten grand.
They got to prove they paid ten grand. We're going to get them on the schedule as soon as possible. So
it might be two weeks down the road.

You're always paying for a program that's starting typically the next month.
We want you to expose the other thing. We want to get you rocking and rolling as fast as possible,
because the more money you make, typically, the more money I make. So that's where the partnership
aspect comes in, is the win win for me and a win win for you. What's good for you is good for me. That's
why we need to be a well-oiled machine.

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Speaker 2
If we partner together and work together, we can make money to get it.

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Speaker 1
The other question was how long does it take if I just put a deposit down and then I and I make
payments, does that mean after go all the way up to ten grand before I can start doing you have to.

00;14;14;25 – 00;14;39;25
Speaker 2
Go $1,000 down to where you start. And then the number 99k balance would be paid over the next
year. So we put weekly or biweekly payments. You know, some people pay 150 a week, some people
pay three 300 every two weeks, some people pay a thousand a month. That would be negotiated with
me and the person on a case by case situation to see what everybody's got, bottom line.

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Speaker 2

You'll you can have access to the website. It's just videotapes of all my courses so you can go on there
and start and stop doing that. You're at your at your own pace, but you get these calls with me every
week. So most people I coach when I want do not use that. But you do have access to that if you decide
you want to use.

Now, as soon as you pay the thousand you get access.

Yeah. If you have any questions, you can always text me, Ask questions, or if you need to set up another
call to answer additional questions.

why is it so such a good idea to have you as my mentor or anybody as a mentor put it that way in

00;18;50;09 – 00;19;16;15
Speaker 2
I mean, first off, it eliminates the problems, the mistakes you're going to make, just like in any, you
know, profession. I mean, you you learn you got to go through training. I mean, even if you're a teacher,
you go to college, you get a doctor, you go to the dental school, you learn. So and people make
mistakes. So when I brought my coach on, it eliminated the majority of the mistakes I probably would
have made because I ran them by him.

00;19;16;15 – 00;19;25;17
Speaker 2
And I said, Hey, what do I do now? And then I learn because that's the most important thing, because
real estate investing can be great, but you can also lose your ass real good.
So it's very, very important as the mentorship because it's just like if somebody asked you on the
marketing and video side, would it be good to have a mentor that knows what they've been doing for 30
years? What would you say?

That's that's really what my advice would be. And I think having a mentor is probably the number one
thing I know. People say, Well, yeah, of course you're going to say that because you're a mentor and you
want to sign people up that that is true. There is some truth to that, but it's eliminating the mistakes

that you're probably going to make and you don't trust the people that go online and watch, you know,
100 YouTube videos and become successful with that.

I had to I had one program wasn't what I wanted, spent $20,000 on, got an education, but they really
didn't advise me the way I wanted. And then I got a one on one coach and he's the one who's 80. He's
85 years old right now. He's been doing it for 60 years. That was my game. That was my that was my
game changer because he still today gives me guidance and advice if I ever need it.

So. Right. And that's just that's just more eyes out there in different parts of the country looking for
deals that I could never find because I'm not there now doesn't mean I couldn't find them. But that's the
partnership that is actually just as beneficial to me as it is to us, right? Yeah. The only thing that changes
after the.

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Speaker 3
Year or.

00;22;30;21 – 00;22;39;11
Speaker 2
Whatever the amount of time is that we don't do our one on one calls that are set weekly. That's the
only difference. And then when you're paid, you're paid in full, you don't continue to pay.

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Speaker 3

00;22;40;29 – 00;22;55;09
Speaker 2
So but most people do do go off on their own and then they come back when they have questions or if
they want, Hey, I need money for this. You want to partner on this. And then and we see if it's a good
set right.

I mean experienced track record on bumps in the road roads occur which they always do. It might throw
you for a curveball and you won't have any idea what to do. And if you choose the right or the wrong
direction, you could kill the deal right there. Lose big money right there, and that might be your real
estate investing career right there.

I would definitely say that as well. But see, my biggest perch is that's completely different than other
programs is having an attorney firm that that can potentially fund your deals million dollars and up
because most normal people cannot acquire a $5 million apartment complex because underwriting is
being denied them. They're going to be like, okay, you got 700 credit or you have no experience and you
make 40 grand a year.

You know, they're trying to look at their the risk factor and you have you have nothing that's going to
save you if this deal goes wrong, You know, but when you have an attorney.

Can back you up and fund the deal for you and you don't have to bring money or stuff like that to the
table, I mean, that's unheard. I don't I don't know anybody who does that.

Completely. You know, I mean, you can wholesale it, but that's very, wholesale is not very lucrative in
my opinion. It's very tricky. But yeah, if you can't fund your look, it's like having a golden goose. But you
know, you can't do anything with the goal. You got nothing, so.

what your, what your, what your mainstay is. And it sounds like it's mostly real estate investing and and
finding good deals. What is your what is your major player?

00;30;31;10 – 00;30;53;29
Speaker 2
Yeah, I mean, that's a that's at the first part of our call where you asked me and I said I said the kind of
like the curriculum is fixed and flips by and holds rentals, short sales, wholesaling, multifamily, add
value, commercial properties, tax strategies, negotiate tactics, social media, Airbnb and owner finance.
That's our main points of emphasis, which is was that it doesn't suck.